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Reversible Thanksgiving & Christmas Blocks


I had a friend who was in charge of our church women’s activity. She had ideas of doing string art or letter blocks. I suggested if we do the blocks, to make the blocks reversible.  Before I even looked at pinterest. I was on a pinterest hiatus at the time. But my mind was solely thinking that I wanted something multi-use if it was going to take up space in my limited storage.

When she posted to the board what we were doing and the ideas for each holiday, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I wasn’t sold on the generic Christmas phrase of, J I N G L E bells. So we brainstormed and came up with something more meaningful to us as a collective group of Christian women, C H R I S T Is Born.


I love it and bonus, I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Well the Give T H A N K S, yes but not the combination.

Super simple and easy. It was also great to bond with some women I hadn’t met yet in the 10 months we had been living there.

Since there are several ideas/ tutorials out there I’m not doing anything detailed since I made this prior to blogging days but here are the supplies and process.img_8340




Paint or stain

Mod Podge

Foam Brush

Newspaper (easy clean up)

Scrapbook paper

Cardstock or thicker (for letters)

Either a cricut or silhouette. (I don’t know which one she used but it had to be either of those. It was all prepped, we just assembled.)


Outer blocks: (2) 7″ length – 2″x4″ (actual: 3 3/8″x 1 1/2″)

Middle blocks: (2) 6″ length – (actual: 3 3/8″x 1 1/2″)

Inner blocks: (2)  5″ length – (actual: 3 3/8″x 1 1/2″)

Total length of 36″ probably more to accommodate for cut spaces.

Top/Bottom block: (1) 8 1/8″ width – 2″x2″ (actual: 1 3/8″ x 1 5/8″)


All edges were sanded. Only the surfaces that were going to have letters on them were painted white, but I’d either paint or stain all surfaces or leave natural (depending on the look you’re going for) since the front and back will be covered.

Scrapbook paper was used for the backgrounds with Mod Podge. Then the letters were applied.

Two years later and this is still my favorite holiday decoration.



Quick & Easy Glitter Ornament Fix

blog-pinterest-picsEdit: I searched high and low for my original tutorial photos. Between my phone dying without backing up my photos and getting a new computer in the last year, I lost all of them. So this is the closest I’m getting to my original representation.

I love glitter and sparkly things. Hey, I’m female! Isn’t it some unwritten rule that the majority of females love shiny objects?

Enter my dilemma. Like ALL glittered items, the glitter gets everywhere! Even after the initial clean up, you can still find glitter for weeks if not months later AND you also find it in places it really shouldn’t be. I digress.

A few years ago we scored an after Christmas deal of a boxed set of 50 ornaments in red and 50 in gold. Twenty ornaments in each set were saturated in glitter.  That’s 40 ornaments!  Every year I hated getting those ornaments out and not being able to use any of the glittered ones. I had done some searching, mainly pinterest, and saw nothing to solve my dilemma. What I usually saw was how to make this, instead of fixing already glittered ornaments. I can’t remember if it was that post specifically but in that search the light bulb flipped on.

Mod Podge!!


Problem solved!

So with out further ado, here is my quick and easy tutorial on fixing glitter ornaments.



Mod Podge:  I chose matte because I didn’t want the gloss to distract from the glitter. I wanted to let it look like it should’ve in the first place minus all the glitter everywhere. ($3)

    (I was able to purchase 3-2 fl oz bottles from the dollar section at Target. Thanks Target!)

Foam brushes:  pack of 1″ foam brushes from Home Depot. (~$2)

Paper towels/Newspaper: for easier clean up

And of course, Glittered Ornaments


I did 1-2 layers of mod podge and then hung the ornaments.  Wait a couple of hours for them to dry. If you don’t know, Mod Podge goes on white, which is nice, so you know you got it all, and it dries clear.


Besides, paper towels, glittered ornaments, mod podge, and foam brushes. Make sure you have space to hang the ornaments to dry. You may need to be more creative than I was. I lucked out and while I still don’t love the knob hardware in my kitchen, it came in super handy for this project.

So for an extra $5 I was finally able to display my glittered ornaments with out the mess.


Fresh Start

This has been on my mind for quite a while, starting a blog of more than just my family and personal life.  We bought our first home a little over a year ago.  Since we got married 7 plus years ago I had been looking forward to having our own place, that we weren’t renting, so we could actually make it our own. I always had visions of things and my pinterest boards are full of them.  But I’ve felt stunted in making any actual progress. When we first moved in a made a list of things that needed to be done and things I wanted to do to the new place. And it has been slow moving. Being a one income family is a big part of that but our main priority has been tackling our debts.  And we’ve been successful.

I think the most recent discovery I’ve personally made in regards to updating and personalizing our home is that it really can happen, a little bit at a time. I get so excited and motivated by other blogs and photos that I forget that they did the same thing. I don’t have to spend hundreds immediately to get the results I want now, even.  Besides when major projects get tackled it can get very overwhelming, very quickly.

img_8007The most recent dilemma I have in my home is this large vaulted wall. We put the large wedding photo up the week we moved in because we didn’t know where to put it AND there were still lots of nails and screws hanging out and that particular one was a sore sight, along with the thermostat. (I mean, really, in the middle of the wall??)  So my father put it up and it’s been the main focus since we’ve been here.  I love it but my wall needs help and I know it’s the perfect wall for a gallery.

So follow along as I share our journey in transforming our house into a home and improve our lifestyle as we strive to Enjoy Living Simply.

~ Nikki