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Fresh Start

This has been on my mind for quite a while, starting a blog of more than just my family and personal life.  We bought our first home a little over a year ago.  Since we got married 7 plus years ago I had been looking forward to having our own place, that we weren’t renting, so we could actually make it our own. I always had visions of things and my pinterest boards are full of them.  But I’ve felt stunted in making any actual progress. When we first moved in a made a list of things that needed to be done and things I wanted to do to the new place. And it has been slow moving. Being a one income family is a big part of that but our main priority has been tackling our debts.  And we’ve been successful.

I think the most recent discovery I’ve personally made in regards to updating and personalizing our home is that it really can happen, a little bit at a time. I get so excited and motivated by other blogs and photos that I forget that they did the same thing. I don’t have to spend hundreds immediately to get the results I want now, even.  Besides when major projects get tackled it can get very overwhelming, very quickly.

img_8007The most recent dilemma I have in my home is this large vaulted wall. We put the large wedding photo up the week we moved in because we didn’t know where to put it AND there were still lots of nails and screws hanging out and that particular one was a sore sight, along with the thermostat. (I mean, really, in the middle of the wall??)  So my father put it up and it’s been the main focus since we’ve been here.  I love it but my wall needs help and I know it’s the perfect wall for a gallery.

So follow along as I share our journey in transforming our house into a home and improve our lifestyle as we strive to Enjoy Living Simply.

~ Nikki