About Me


Hey there,

I’m Nikki, writer at Enjoy Living Simply, DIYer, and striving to simplify my life. I am a mom to two amazing boys and wife to my wonderful husband of 7+ years.

I grew up, the youngest of four daughters, helping my dad, I was his gopher and learned so much about DIY from him. This upbringing has instilled a desire to always make my surroundings better and more efficient. We moved around quite a bit, so I got to experience the fun of renovating and rearranging our new to us homes.

My hubby and I purchased our first home a little over a year ago and we have made some minor but drastic changes that have transformed how I feel living in our home and the environment I desire to achieve while we live here. I look forward to share my experiences as I transform our home into a simplistic and efficient space to live.