Month: November 2016

Winds Breath Paint Dilemma


If you haven’t read my Kitchen & Dining Paint Upgrade¬†yet you can read about it here. I was so excited to paint those rooms I didn’t do enough research. Although I thought I did with all the paint cards I was holding on to for months.

What I didn’t share in that post was the first time I got the paint cans. Ocean Air was spot on. Winds Breath, well…I got home and realized the store mixed a different color on the card. I went back the next day and with a little hesitation from the associate, he mixed the ‘correct’ color. Which is what is on the walls in that original post. Also, in the post I state that while it’s a nice griege color, it doesn’t work with Ocean Air very well.

I didn’t know what to do. So for¬†6 months it sat like that. I figured it was better than the bright yellow walls.

After talking to my husband about finances and us deciding to appraise the house to increase our 20% and decrease our MI owed. Hubby expressed his frustration with several spot in the house with paint samples on the walls. Lol.

I had decided to work on that wall again and those three colors weren’t doing it for me. I was getting beyond frustrated.

A soffit in our bedroom was accented and we both wanted it the same as the rest of the room. So I chipped some paint off our wall and went to the store for a custom match. While I was there I decided to take another look at the cards and hopefully find “the one”.

It must have been fate because I walked right over and pulled a card out. Lo and behold it said, Winds Breath, by Behr. I double take and realize that is the color on my wall. That I’m loathing. And it has a green undertone. No wonder it didn’t look right with the Ocean Air blue I had going on, on the adjacent wall.

The funny thing is, is that the paint can has the Benjamin Moore code for Winds Breath, but inside the can is Behr’s Winds Breath. I wanted to cry with relief because I couldn’t ever find anything I loved as much as BM Winds Breath and I was starting to lose it.










I hiked up my big girl pants and headed off to a BM paint supplier and got the correct color. It is amazing and everything I hoped for.

If you made it this long, I applaud you.

Basically, if you are planning on color matching across brands, double check to see if there are other brands out there with the same name so you can resolve the problem quickly, instead of waiting 6 months. Oops.


I’m not sure on your screen quality but while it’s ever so slightly different. I can tell a difference in person in the overall feel and cohesiveness with the other wall. The blue doesn’t present accurately but you can see how the BM product on top looks WAY better than the Behr color of the same name on the bottom.

I hope I shared something new with you today.