Month: January 2016


You may wonder: Why another diy/décor/budgeting blog?

I feel that this has been a slow process for me. One point in time that I’m thinking of is 7 years ago, just before I got married. My sister had gotten married the year prior and her husband couldn’t figure out why she had so much stuff. At that time it was 2-3 keepsake boxes, from my parents house, living in their townhome attic. It was clutter. Yes, memories, but it could be condensed even more.

This got me thinking as I was moving my belongings and my boxes of keepsake into my now husband’s  place. Between work, school and other responsibilities I was going through and condensing. Priorities. Then with kids things slowly get out of control.

When we moved to Texas, it was super hard but very liberating to get rid of and not have to pack things around. We went from 3200 sq ft, although we lived upstairs (1500 sq ft) we took full advantage of roaming space and storage as well,  to 1200 sq ft. It’s only 300 sq ft difference but the layout was very different and very cramped. We had big closets for storage and massive bedrooms that were a little excessive because we had zero actual living space. We later moved to another apartment about 1100 sq ft, larger living space but zero closet (read: storage) space.

Living in Texas has opened my eyes immensely. The majority of homes have no basements aka ZERO storage. (It makes me cry almost daily.) So you either have to be very clever with the space you have or declutter like crazy and still be creative with your storage.

While living in that last apartment I made the decision to declutter everything I could set my eyes on. I wanted to do it then, so we would move less when we found a home, but reality set in and I knew I’d have piles of donations sitting around and we’d still end up moving it. So I waited.

It was that moment, my “Aha!” moment a year and a half ago that I knew I needed a more simple life. I was overwhelmed with clothes and just overall things. Even now, when my counters get cluttered with papers, I almost can’t even function because of how chaotic I feel that things are around me.

Join me as I continue to find and apply ways to simplify my life. And hopefully provide some new insight to you to do the same.